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The one who controls the wind

As a cushion for her feet

Drifted the dead dry leaves

Before her on the street

Playfully lifted 

A lock of her hair

Caressed her cheek

With tender care

Helped her along with

A following breeze

Sang her a song through

Rustling boughed trees

Escorted her unseen to

Her Lover’s embrace

Then silently turned

To leave that place

Turned to face the wide sea

And with a despairing wail

Whipped up that ocean

With a tempestuous gale

Worked out his rage

With one last desparate cry

Culminating with one 

Last accepting sigh

Lashed the waves

Against the shore
Then let peace

Reign once more

Never looked for her again

Just breathed one icy breeze

Causing the town one 

Early unseasonal freeze

Causing she and her lover

To snuggle up in a tight embrace
As his goodbye breath icily

Kissed cool her face

Then the one who controls the wind

That lovelorn one

Resolutly turned its back

And silently moved on.


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