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Eyes Of Hope


Dreaming darkest dreams
Of self loathing and despair
A life so ruined so as  to be
Beyond any hope of self repair
I was in my own state 

Of personal hell, 

Like being trapped

In a bottomless well,

Held in a mental

Deep dark place

Until I met the woman

With the old young face.

And that pair of dancin
Sparkling eyes

That held me entraced,

Even hypnotised

Pulling me into

A field of green

The lushest grass

That I’ve ever seen

And we are running 

Hand in hand

Just for joy

Across that land.

No need for rush 

No place to go

Just happily running 

To and fro

Until in time we reached a gate

Where no gate really should be 

And she pushed me through

And her eyes set me free

To a different world

A hopeful one

And my deep despair 

Was suddenly gone.

And she of the young old face

Was suddenly blind

The price she paid

For cleaning my mind.

A sacrifice 

She made for me.

Now I am whole 

And I am free.
With my whole being 
i had grasped at the chance
While she of the now ruined eyes
Walked on without backward glance.






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Eyes Of Hope