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I think he was an idealist

But it didn't last long;

Up at the Palace of Westminster

He had to sing the Party song.


And very soon after

He forgot what he was about

When they gave him his exes form

And showed him how to dip his snout.


Now he grunts with the rest of them

Puts both feet in the trough to feed 

And he waxes fat without a care

As he shares in their general greed.


He complains about the conditions

Says the pace of life is tough

And he needs a second house because

He doesn't see his family enough.


But he'll come creeping down your street

Come the next general election 

Begging for your vote to ensure

His parliamentar reselection. 


  And he'll swagger round the town

But in all honesty i suspect

He only does to bask in

The expected awe and respect.

He's a political animal

A pathetic party hack

Who responds to the whip 

By rolling on his back.


He's such a creature of fun

Straight out of Animal Farm

So we laugh and forget how he and

 His ilk cause such immeasurable harm.


He'll progress and in time

When the occasion affords

He'll take his snout and trotters

To the trough of the House of Lords


He's a figure of respect

A member of our ruling class

And we accept him as a fact

So which of is the real Ass. 


Up at the Palace of Westminster

He had to sing the Party song:

He used to be an idealist

But it didn't last long.


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