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These Crazy Places

The cruel reality of
the mad man maze
Staring at worn out,
Hopeless faces
in the cold
Haven't eaten in days
This ain't a sweet smelling rose
When you're running low
you head back to the base
where the heat rages
Weak minded minions
can't help but fold
In the survival of the fittest
proverty clings to reality 'itties
in stages
Watch your flank
You been exposed
If they come for me
I'll be ready to roll
The corner's
Selling the simple and the sick souls
Leaving strong minds blank
There got to be better days
Hope to hope
I've seen dreams go up in smoke
If a hustler don't breathe
A hustler gonna choke
They built the cages
and made the struggle
Pack the stack
and wait for you to buckle
in these crazy places

Copyrights 2014
Robert Anthony James

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These Crazy Places