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When your in a service, and the Holy Ghost is there,
Here is something with you, I need to share.
When you go to the Alter to kneel down and pray,
Don't worry about what people might think or say.
Don't ever stop when you feel the need to cry,
For Jesus doesn't hear it like you or I.
For To us it sounds very sad you see,
But to Jesus it's a sweet melody.
Go ahead and cry, let those tears roll down your face,
Continue on seeking Gods Holy Grace.
For your tears that are flowing you see,
Is bringing forth your sweet victory.
Let it all out, cry unto our blessed King,
Giving glory, and honour,  in his spirit sing.
Let his presence fill your every need,
For with the Bread Of Life does He feed.
Lift up your cup for Him to fill,
And on those around, yes, let it spill!
That's the Water Of Life-flowing like a river you see,
The Holy Spirit bringing you to sweet victory.
And when it is all over- you won't be the same,
For when you cry unto The Lord- it's not in vain.
And when you stand up- you'll know it was real,
For you just partook, of The Masters Meal!