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My life was empty,it seemed it was all in vain; 

Filled with sorrow's, heartache's and pain. 

If I didn't wake up from my sleep; I did not care; 

For I had nothing to gain and even less to share! 

Only the past is what seemed real to me; 

It was all so crazy, my mind so twisted; I could not see!

I was at the point; of no return, just end it all; 

And from out of no where;a beautiful angel; my name did call! 

She came into my life and I gave her my wretched heart; 

She cleansed it,stood me on my feet,then gave me a new start! 

Her loving smile; I cherish it each and every passing day; 

As she guides me through life in a brand new way! 

She is now my heart; she comforts me in my times of need; 

She is now"THE BEST PART OF ME" she is an Angel indeed! 

She brought love and joy and peace and she stands firmly by my side; 

She changed my life;showed me a better way; so I made her My Bride!! 

I love her more than words or or my heart could ever say; 

She has now been by my side 15 years and still showing me a better way!!