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I was once the man who wasn't there,
A very eerie sort of a feeling
As the Twin Pin clawed its way
To its allotted cruising ceiling
In the tightly defined corridor
To head slowly steadily to the West,
Props drawing us through the air
Cruising speed 165 mph at best.
Down below Berlin,
That city split in two
As The ugly Dividing Wall 
Forced its way through:
The Western half a city in siege,
Simmering with fear and emotion
As two fleets slowly converged
Across the wide Atlantic Ocean,
Each daring the other to call chicken
In their dangerous power game
After which, one way or another,
The world could never be the same.
Having arrived incognito,
Officially never leaving the West
It was decided to smuggle me out,
By 'plane would be best,
So, for a little while I was
The man who wasn't there
Heading slowly Westward
Through cold, thin October air.
For just a little while
The Cold war had got
Very close to hot
With just a small chance
On leaving that beleagured town
Our tiny little Twin Pin
Might just have been shot down.
So I sat there, just a little scared
Strapped in my seat
Thinking Its a long way down
From nearly twenty thousand feet.

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