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 End of the Watch

This is dedicated to all Officers in Blue who have and might lose their
lives in the line of Police Duty

  End of the Watch

They only have one thought at the start of the day
To protect and serve to up hold the law of the land
Fighting an endless battle never making much headway
Seeing such horror and pain almost too much to withstand

The badge they proudly wear on their uniforms of blue
A shield of strength and honor that they stand for
Like all of us sometimes they hit a miscue
But always standing true to the oath they swore

These men and women who put their lives in peril
Always under the watchful eye of the public
Where some can only hate and be crucial
Leaving the Officers families heartsick

The one's in Blue who's hearts have stopped
Taken from this life by ones filled with hate
Never again to see the End of the Watch
Because of a evil need to assassinate

                                     Edwin J. Smith
                                   The Old Cowboy Poet
                                     Dec 22nd 2014

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