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Guhor Wood


There were Beasts in Guhor Wood

Keeping back just out of sight:

As I walked back from Elli’s

I could hear them every night.


Sometimes the road would move,

The trees rustle and sway,

As I strode boldy on

That dark enchanted way.

Guhor woods were friendly

Under the light of the sun

No wild impulse then

To break into a run,

None of that sense

Of night time fear

Just a pleasant wooded road

When daylight was here.


There were trenches in Guhor Wood

Left there from the war

Half collapsed and filled in

In the process of being no more.


Were those trenches bloodied?

Had it been a combat zone?

All these things came to me 

As I walked back each night alone.

Were those wild things shades,

Echoes of that recent past?

Would they gradually fade

Go to their rest at last?

Sometimes I would sit

On a little roadside seat

Regardless of the beasts

That I could maybe meet.


Always I got back safely

And that was obviously good,

But deep down in my mind I knew

There were Beasts in Guhor Wood.


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Guhor Wood