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~Precious Love Gone Bad~
(Free Verse)

This is a sad tale of once a precious and true love
a great love that she prayed she kept forever
as she sat and cried and prayed every night
she wished for him to love her and for his love
a love that for some reason just went wrong

it happened a long ago it has been a long while
when two souls met and fireworks just went off
they thought that it would last forever
at least thats what she in her heart did
so they embraced their love with so much passion

but little by litte after a few years
 things started to look not that very good
she noticed that her lover wasnt just the same
here and there he started not to show her his love
she just started to worry day and night what went wrong

hiding her tears she cried day and night all day long
for a long time she tried her very best to make it all right
but her love didnt seem to care for her just anymore
and more and more in the silence of the night
she cried and cried her poor heart was just broke

he said he loved her but he didnt show it they were just words
nothing seemed real to her about him and his so called true love
days and months and some more years just went by
no matter what her love for him never really stopped meanwhile
but his just turned more distant and cold

she just suffered and prayed and prayed some more for his return
but inside she had the bad feeling that something was very wrong
but she didnt want to believe that he could betray her no no him her love
the one who swore and promise to always love her and be always true
but things just went from bad to worse and as much as she tried it didnt work

because her lover the love of her life wasnt being true at all
in her heart she just knew that his love wasnt for her anymore
and in the end she just found out that all along she has been right
the love of her life the one that shes trusted with all her heart and soul
wasnt true to her after all his love for her just a lie he's cheated on her
he stabbed her back and his betrayal forever had broken shattered her heart.

Dorian Petersen Potter
aka ladydp2000

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heartbroken woman crying photo: crying crying-eye-wallpaper.jpg

Authors notes..

Written on May.12.2014.  Inspired by what goes around everywhere. What can I say this sadly happens all the time anywhere and everywhere.

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