Alone With My Dream

Alone With My Dream                  January 16,2015

Alone with my dream free in the sky
Watching my world, you can if you try
Through the mist in my dream
My country Ireland, you know what I mean
Laugh and cry, another countries queen
The land of the shamrock growing free
The rugged shores of Donegal
Malin Head says it all
The little streets where civil rights meet
Derry free without defeat
Their spirits walk, someday we'll meet
I wish I was back home in Derry
Belfast town where we took them down
We stand with the people, no church, no steeple
In the lions den, remember the ten
The modern famine has started again
Fermanagh, Tyrone you're not on your own
We thank you all for the courage shown
Crossmaglen the fighting men
Only free birds fly, let's do it again
Dublin Town with Connolly in nineteen sixteen,
Six hundred years with a foreign queen
Doomed to die as Ireland cry
Our leaders were taken, why did they die
Cork city destroyed and plundered by force
Collins mistake an Irish divorce
I fly with my dream to the country of choice
The land of the eagle, freedoms voice
America I thank you for setting us free
I'm a person again, my family and me
My Irish name is welcome again
A new life for Patrick amen
Ellis Island with the lady I love
God bless America, God Bless the dove
My dream carried on, I heard the song
Athenrye with the fields with Michael gone
The Planter came and changed the game,
In other countries they did the same
God Bless Australia, Ned Kelly was right
God bless the Irish, he fought the fight
My dream left this land of heroes, I heard the song the “Legend”
The heroes I never mentioned walk proudly in this song
Alone with my dreams free in the sky
Watching my world, you can if you try

Gerrard McGeachy

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