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He speaks today
Shakes hands and
Kisses cheeks
The President
Has thought all week
About what this country needs
Commands us with smart pleas
Of those older in the crowd
Those younger smiling out loud
He takes the podium
For us to know him
His attitudes and walk
Are more than this one talk
There's many more
Where his charisma walks
Onto a stage
To rage the rage
Take his fingers
As eyes linger
Turning the page
To this night
Bring the light
Of this nation strong
Where we belong
I was invited
All week excited
Just to listen
Then saw him kissing
Other girls
It turned my world
Into more
Than talk of economy and war
Never a bore
Thank you, President
Blessings have been spent
On you
Giving me hope through
When I am
So lost feeling like no one gives a damn
About me
Until I see
You there
Another light of God
That keeps me growing
Not dying
Or so much crying
With the right pills
Health care helped my ills
I'm better than a year ago
Thank you so
Thank you for saying
Thanks to my youngest son
Veteran of Afghanistan=won
Who was in my constant prayers
While he was there
So afraid I couldn't bear it
If he died
10/10 to 10/11 I cried
He made it back
God didn't lack
Hearing my prayers
The shares
He gave
Fulfilled my soul
To roll
On and on
Like a Blue-Star soldier's mom
That never had to change the star to Gold
Would be so cold
To experience that kind of pain
Who could you blame?
Get angry with?
No more son's lift
If he would have died
I would have rather
In that cold ground
The world doesn't
Need me
The poets of the world
Don't 'mount
Our touch
Goes to palpating
Blue lines on white paper only end
The feeling in our souls
That ride
Out into the night
Where spirits hide
Only to be born
With hope from an American
Our President
I talk to him in poetry
His suave way brings hope in me
The things he says leaves me
Feeling care
He's a great man to stand up there
To share
The plan with us
A plan of trust
That's fair for the working class
Liking the reflection in the looking glass
Seeing a person happy, strong
That smiles at you all day long
Talking to this mind then hand
To write the words to understand
How the USA is this day
Where it's going
Thank you, President
For knowing
How it must be
Keeping us free
Just for smiling
You'll be wylin'
In my mind the rest of my life
Dancing with that pretty wife
With Beyonce' singing
What you're bringing:


1/20/2015 1937 cj

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