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Thank you, God for alowwing me this bad, bad day,
I want you to know I am very grateful today.
Without all the bad,
I would not know happy or sad.

Each moment, to me you bring,
whether I cry or sing.
This you have brought to me.,
bringing me all to see.

Yes, each and every time,
in everything you I find.
In all the times not so good,
in the good that to thank you I should.

Thank you my father in heaven,
letting me know seven times seven.
Is the promise you made,
that is coming my way.

All the things in between,
is nothing but bad dreams.
In your son's name,
We can ask for no more pain.

Please, bring your loving touch,
for it is needed so much.
So, good or bad each day,
we sent our thanks your way.

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