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~Do You Really Know Him?~
(Free Style)

Some people say they know God
And that they also know His Son
But do they really know personally Jesus Christ
And, what about you, do you really know the Holy One?

I wonder and ponder about this everyday
One thing is to say and another one is to do
Because in the end words are just words
But when you do His Love will show itself through you

And being a Christian is not enough.
And just believing doesn't make you one
Being a Christian is more than a tag name
And it's more than just a banner than you can carry with you

A Christian is a person who really knows the Lord on High
And one who personally knows Jesus Christ His Son
One who knows without a shadow of doubt
That He died for our sins and He rose to Heaven the third day

Being a true Christian is really acknowledging and loving God
It's loving caring and forgiving our fellow man
The same way that You instruct us and want us everyday to do
Oh Lord God please let us be humbled so we can pursue your Holy plan

So I really hope and pray that when you read this poem
That you really love God with all your heart and accept His son
He loves you so much and all He wishes is to be your friend
And God wants you to be with Him forever when your life in this earth is done.

So let me ask you a very simple question, do you
 really know the Father and His son?
Do you?Do you really have a personal relationship
 with them? Well,I hope and pray you do.

Dorian Petersen Potter
aka ladydp2000

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~ You must be born again~ John 3:5-7


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