By id as my bread and meat digested to shiit,
My ego informs me of my hunger.
And my IGO the intelligence prompts into action,
By command of my EGO the desire.
I am alone in lonely road from quheyqaf to xanadu.  

Looking for my muslim soul inside the body of a hindu.
I saw halal fruit in forbidden garden.
And my id said he is hungry and my ego said to eat from the garden of forbidden.
And intelligent IGO said hurry there is no warden.
But by beyond my instinct emotion and intelligence consciousness that found my salvation.
Yes it is my atma my ruh the part of Allah inside my human portion.
It said there is no warden no onlooker to look on the lonely road.
But Allah is watching from makkah in saud.
Therefore soul is my super ego my conscientious me.

Where my id my ego and intelligent igo only hears my command,
My super ego my conscientious hears Allah's decree.

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