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Tip: Promote Your Poetry Site, Books, Products, etc - Create A Text AD

PoetryPoem offers poets a space to
advertise/promote your Poetry Site, Books, Products, etc with Text Ads.

What is a Text Ad?

A Text Ad is an ad that you can create that is displayed on:
- PoetryPoem's Homepage

Poets' sites that are not Poetry Prime Poets
- Meet The Poets Page

Creating Your Text Ad

1. Go to your poetry Control Panel and click on one of the advertise buttons (Promote, Promotion Manager or Advertise with us). 

2. Create your Text Ad.

1. Add your Ad Title: your site, book, product, etc  Example: Poetry by... New Book by...

2. and 3. Add your Ad Conntent  Example: Title of Poetry Site... Title of Book...

4. Add Link Text (Use up to 30 characters. example: MySite). This tells visitors where the link takes them.

5. Destination URL or location (Example:  http://poetrypoem.com/mypoems). This is where the visitor goes when they click on your ad.

6. Important step! Click the Test URL button to make sure your ad is taking your visitor to the right location.

7. Choose your Cost Per Click (CPC)

8. Important step! Click on Save new ad button.

If you do not see your Text Ad on PoetryPoem’s homepage,your Cost Per Click, (CPC)
is below the Cost Per Click, (CPC) of the fellow poet’s advertisements on the homepage.

If you need any help with the Text Ads or have any Questions please contact us at poetryvine@yahoo.com

Below is a link to frequently asked questions about Text Ads.

Textads FAQ


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