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Dreamily daydreaming

In a dreamy state of mind,

Expressionless eyes concealing

The dramas unfolding behind.

The Captain of a Starship,

Intergalactic hero,

Making passionate love

In a gravity force zero.


The sheriff of Tombstone

Sixguns tied down

Patrollng the streets of

A newly pacified town.

Acknowledging the worship

With a casual wave of the hand

While standing centre stage

Fronting the amazing rock band.


Talking with the President

Sharing my advice

Solvng thorny problems

In a mere passing trice

Racing down the bus

Caught on the hop

Almost day dreaming past

My home bus stop.


Daydreaming is pleasant

A nice thing to do

But I’m not a teenager

Hell, I’m past seventy two

Expressionless eyes concealing

Dramas unfolding behind,

Dreamily day dreaming

In a dreamy state of mind.





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Dreamily Daydreaming