sweetswords / Mark  of the Beast

To hold the Moses staff and Sulaymani ring.
I asked my hand to  draw this drawing by its fingering.
Draw the line right to left top to bottom.
And remember when Allah asked what is that you are holding,
Oh Musa Alahi Wasallam.
He said this is my staff i recline on it.
And pull leaves for my sheep to eat.
By going right to left top to bottom.
We draw Moses staff to behold the phantom.
Now go again right to left top to bottom.
As Allah said throw your staff to the ground,
Oh Musa Alahi Wallam.
Now behold the zigzag of the serpentine signature.
And remember Allah creates everything in pair.
So now draw from bottom to top left to right.
Now do it again to be exactly right.
And behold the hexagonal seal of Solomon from of your sight.    

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