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Big Daft Dave

With his smiley round face

Has left this life 

For a maybe better place.

I'd not seen him

For many a long while

But I'll never forget

His why me smile

Or his great 

Infectious grin;

Dave was never slow

At getting them in.

Too late I heard

He'd just recently passed

But he'd remained a card

To the very last.

  His cremation arranged

To the nth degree

The minister said,

As it was told to me,

When asked if he would like

Any Effects put in his coffin

He apparently said

Put an extinguisher in.

Big Daft Dave

Always loved the absurd

As he showed with those few

 Almost final words.

I can see him now

With that big daft grin

At a heavenly bar

Getting his round in,

And wearing 

All the while

That great big daft

Why me smile.

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big Daft Dave, R.I.P.