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The daughter with a stone tied to her belly.
Said to her father,
Nothing can test friends and foe so fairly.
As the hunger can.
So oh my father,
How the scroll of plenty can be written by the empty pen.
I the mother of Imam.
The Lady of Jannah and the Lamp Islam.
But  yet hunger grips me,
As the hungry sun grips the morning dew.
And the father revealed,
He too had stones tied to his belly,
But not one but two.  


Two stones tied on the stomach

Hazrat'e Sayyiduna Abu Talha narrates that they once
complained to the Holy Prophet about hunger and
also showed him the single stone which they had tied to
their stomachs. When the beloved of Allah , the king of
land and water lifted his blessed clothing to reveal his
blessed stomach, they saw that there were two stones tied
to his blessed stomach.
Hazrat'e Sayyiduna Imam Tirmidi states that these
stones were tied on the blessed stomach because of
extreme weakness and hunger. (Shamaa'ile Tirmidi, Page
169, Hadith no. 372)

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