Beautiful Disaster


The sidewalk isn't my favorite dwelling
Although it's often where I spend my time
It can get cold and wet
And it's terrible
For a bad back, like mine.

I hear them snicker and sneer
As they walk by
They think I'm just lazy
And that I opt to starve my children
And hear their cries at night

They question my integrity
My honesty and me
Can't trust that I'm a good person
Because I don't look
Just like them

But looks can be deceiving
And there is more to the story
That they don't know
But no one cares to stick around
And figure that much out

I'm just like you
On the inside
I need attention too
I need someone to love me
And notice me once in a while

And they say:
“Oh, but they are mean,
And scary, and frightening.”
But wouldn't you keep your guard up
If people snickered and sneered
As they walked by.

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