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I love the evergreen of the Magnolia
Their dark green leaves and creamy white flowers

With their branches reaching as to embrace you
They are true visions of the south


The crisp frost of the early fall
Leaves changing color as nature paints

A canvas with hues to beautiful to describe
Nature is getting ready for a long winter nap

Winter skies with wild geese in their famous "V"
Honking their way to a warmer  place

They stop to visit for awhile at lakes
Teaming with bass and crappie and the big mouth catfish


Spring's new birth with trees and grass
In foliage fit for a royal court

The yellow daffodil swaying a happy hello to all that passes by
A wonderful reminder that we too will rise

after our long sleep of death on the day
Our Lord returns


Then comes our long hot summer days
Kids eating large snow cones  

its shaved ice melting down their chins that are now
The color of grapes, strawberries, or some other delicious flavor

I am thankful I was born in the south
 I am a southern lady and proud of it

 ©Kathy Collier   9-05
repost 7 - 2015




Song: Elvis Presley - Dixie Land, An American Trilogy

*There is much being said today about the southern flag
We/I  do not put this flag above our "OLD GLORY"
I love The Star Spangled Banner - no flag will ever be above it in my heart
I am sorry if the Rebel Flag offends you,  

The Mexican flag in California and other states offends me
Also seeing Our Home The White House covered in rainbow colors offends me

I could go on and on,  but I will say  again I am a southern lady
and very proud of it.  Not everyone in the south is a redneck or UnAmerican

I will say as a fact the south is more hospitable than in anywhere in America
I have seen many rednecks (both white and black) in other states who are very rude and uncouth
I will say they are Rednecks

It seems our beloved America is going down the drain
It seems they want us to be fighting and taking sides over things that have no importance
It is time for us to unite and vote those who want to destroy our Country out of office
It is time for us to unite in praying to God for forgiveness.

Kathy Collier

2 Chronicles 7:14

If My people, which are called by My name,
shall humble themselves, and pray,
and seek My face,
 and turn from their wicked ways;
 then will I hear from heaven,
 and will forgive their sin,
and will heal their land.

King James Bible




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