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You tell me you understand

And you so obviously care

But to really understand

You had to be there, 

Had to feel the tension 

Of a reccee patrol

Walk in our boots,

Understand our role,

Visit the places

To which we have been,

Experience the horror

Of the things we have seen.

In the middle of this tension,

In the middle of this strife

 The real possibility

Of a mate losing his life.

The feeling of panic

Just recalling that noise

The fear of failing

And letting down the boys.

You say you understand

But I don't think you can

Unless you've witnessed

Mans' inhumanity to man.

So we stick together,

Help each other through

The flash backs and the crises,

Becase thats just what we do.

 So thank you for your help.

Thank you for trying,

But you really can't understand
Why so many of us are crying.  


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Crying - PTSD