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I wake in the morning on the sadder side of things 
The news of the world seems little different 
Then it did when I was young 40 years ago 
Viet Nam is now Iraq and civil rights is about marriage 
Not lunch counters and school rooms 
And it is Iran with a bomb that scares us—not Russia 
And bank failures are not something out of American History 
But something on the front page except the front page 
Is actually my home page—technology seems in control 
And some one won the sexual revolution but I am not sure who 
And getting stoned has triggered gang wars in Mexico 
That make Al Capone look like a nice guy 
And George Bush doesn’t seem much different then Richard Nixon 
I sit with my coffee and wonder if Barack Obama will take up 
Where John Kennedy and Martin Luther King left off 
Forty years ago—what fun it was to be young— 
Sex and drugs and rock and roll—no one warned us about addiction 
Not that we would have listened-be your self-do your own thing 
"The times they are a changing"— "Brave New World" 
"Sergeant Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band" 
A buddy called me up and said you’ve "got to hear this" 
He rolled a joint and put it on and I stared in utter amazement 
At the turntable going round and round the whole time it played. 
We had never heard anything like this before— 
A record album as literature—a novel on vinyl 
And the Christ of Sunday came down from the Cross 
And became the Jesus of Hair and Super Star 
And the March on Selma—and the Social Gospel 
And Liberation Theology in the Age of Aquarius 
"God is Dead"—long live the sacred revolution 
And the New Age became more of the same old 
Same old with yuppies, credit cards and SUVs 

I fear we live in a wounded world where ego has dethroned the soul