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English is a language that wins wars. 

English came to England with the Saxons 
Into the space abandoned by the Romans 
And drove the Celts into Wales 
And made conquered women brides 

Mothers of new generations nurtured Old English 
Who spoke of Beowulf and fought the Vikings 
Who burned the monasteries of Lindisfarne 
And the Vikings took Saxon brides 

And though the Norman Knights spoke French, 
The kitchens and the barnyards were the language 
That did the work as Chaucer captured tales that the English 
Told to each other with beer around the bales in their barns 

Building ships to sink the Spanish and take English 
Across the Atlantic where it seeded generations 
Who fought over liberty and rescued a world facing tyranny 
And then took technology into a brave new world. 

"Hark, what light through yonder window brakes?"