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We manned the picket line,

The Union said we should,

Stood there for two long hours

But It didn't do us much good.

Some had the courage to openly

Cross but so many more

Avoided our  picket line and.

Slipped in the back door:

After we lost the action and

When redundancies started

I held my head up high

Until the day I departed.

Not many months later

The Union was destroyed

Because most of the members

We're made self employed.

It was progress the company said

But all along it was their intent

To reduce the staff and so 

Two thousand plus jobs went.    

Selfishness, or fear, or greed 

I don't know the reasons why

Members crossed the picket line

And helped our Union to die.

The records online end

In nineteen ninety three

Which just happens to coincide

With that mass redundancy. 

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