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Country clocks


From one buttercup to the next, from one

Mesmeric moment to the next, last year

I took a photograph of buttercups in my

Garden, and I captured them again same

Time same place this year, season to season

In a flash.


City time, town time, country time, different

Clocks, different rhythms, the buzz of the city

Is not the same as the hum of a town, and the

Quiet heart of the countryside, throbs to a

Quite different regulator altogether.


I've worked in the city and I've worked in a town,

And now I live in the country where slow clocks

Abound. In the country, the earth beneath one's

Snowy feet may conceal a hidden clock if only a

Dandelion one. Snowdrop time, daffodil time, lamb

Time, buttercup time, artichoke time, strawberry

Time and so it goes on. Time is everywhere and

Soon it will be hedge cutting time, harvest time,

Michaelmas time, and dare I say it, Christmas

Time. Country clocks? I love 'em.


© Joseph G Dawson