Walkin on Air

Fiddle-Fuddle in the Woods

Never was I alone, well, so to say:
life's spare room held me captive night and day;
banality cluttered most waking hours,
vacating sweet stints with cream that sours,
while moon-shifts flip in sync with each rotation
of our Earthly circumnavigation.

Relief, much like nature's self-seeded oaks,
from tiny design can grow as it soaks
nourishment imbued from secret reasons
hidden beneath ground, sheltered from seasons;
finally, to flourish in majesty:
with music claiming joyful victory!

T'is said pleasure is inextricable,
because doubts rend us ineligible
truly to dance following secret tunes
heard from the forest on some afternoons:
and yet, waft they do through life's loony-bin
bewildering sounds of Lovelight's violin!

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Fiddle-Fuddle in the Woods

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