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This morning I awoke thinking of the 9/11 attacks
I thought about how many people have forgotten it
Or they choose not to remember that day in history

Has everyone now moved back to their normal mode?
Will they be out on this beautiful sunny morning
At Starbucks or other coffee houses for lattes

Already transitioned to their own daily activities
Going to work, dropping kids off at their schools
Perhaps making their way for shopping at a mall

Yes I do know they all will take some time on 9/11
And maybe they'd  watch some of the replay videos
And yes I know it's been 14 years now since then

It just seems to me that our own generation and others
Should always remember those horrific events for life
As our grandparents and parents remember Pearl Harbor  

Now days people quickly return to their own routines
The day after those events and lessons are forgotten
But not by those who planned this and other attacks

You can be sure they are still out there just waiting
For us to become complacent once more in our routines
And then once more they will put a new plan in action

A dirty bomb to spread radiation across a major city
Maybe a strike against our country's power companies
Or even worse an improvised deadly nuclear type device

We can not and should never let our guard down again
Tell your kids what to do if something happenes again
Make sure your family has some type of emergency plan

I pray to God each day that nothing will happen to us
But the one thing that I'm sure of if it does happen
It will make Pearl Harbor and 9/11 look like nothing

Terry Sasek - Alwaysawarrior - all rights reserved.

(Reposted & Updated from my original posting of this poem
for the 15TH anniversary of those deadly attacks against
America on September 11TH 2001. Let us never forget them.)

It's really fine to try and live as close to a normal life as
one can, but then too always remember to keep in mind that the
terrorist can and most likely will strike out at our nation or
our citizens at any time or any place that they choose to do so
because we here in America all live in an open and free society
which makes it easier for the terrorist to strike out at us and
we must always be alert and aware of the things going on around
us and be ready for anything to suddenly happen whether from an
attack by foreign terrorists or especially domestic ones who do
live here already in America and that they just might want to
support the goals and actions of the terrorists against us here.


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