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Don't mess with me
You cannot even give me
One room in this house
For myself
You want all your garage stuff
In here while I have to live here
You want me to pay the rent
Because you're five months behind
And before I came here
You said the rent was all paid up and
You said you'd pay the rent
I'd pay the electric and water bill
A lie that I can't stand
You want me to take your garbage
To the dump
Do you offer to pay for that?
Hell no!
I would have never moved here
Knowing it was this bad
But now
I'm stuck here
You're not stuck here
You have a decent toilet and shower
In P town
This is H town
I use to be a part of it
My grandkids play sports games here
I go to church here sometimes
I take care of the Lutheran-German Cemetery
I try to make it better here
I put this place on the world map
Making movies of it
What have you done to make
This house
Or H town better?
Just tell me
You won't put any money into this house
"It's not yours"
It's a shame
When I am homeless
And you have a place to live
You cannot even drive out here
Without me or someone to drive you
Why do you even want this place?
To control me?
I am not easily controlled
And especially
By someone who lies to me
How long do you want to live
On my dime?
Did you bail me out
When I was homeless?
Hell, no!
Why should I bail you out
When you won't even give
Me one room in this house for all mine
You want me to get internet
So you can use it
You want me to buy a big TV
For the living room
So you can use it
You cannot even live here
Because you cannot get here
For how long
I have no idea
You used this place for a garage
And that was okay
I guess
When only you lived here
But you don't live here anymore
Before I would have been ashamed of living here
Now that I've been homeless for two years
And I just want a place I can afford
For me and my dogs
It will have to do
But you don't want me to have a home
You want me to have a motorcycle shop
With 7 motorcycles
That probably don't even run
Three on the damn porch
Two in the dining room
Two in the living room
Probably with parts off
Everyone of them
That take up all the dining room
An old four wheeler in the yard
A pile of old car parts in the woodpile
Two cars and one truck
In the yard
Plus an old trailer
Moreover you want my fifth wheel
In the back yard
Instead of the cars that aren't driven
I don't think so
Are you going to clean up all the weeds there?
If I did
Move my fifth wheel to the back yard
Are you going to worry about my dogs
Getting out because I don't have a fenced place
Where they can go out of the house
Or my fifth wheel without me
Putting them on a leash?
You shouldn't have invited me here
To clean up your filth
You're already griping about my dogs
Scratching on the rotten door
Of this place
You knew they were coming
You said you loved them
If you loved them
You'd have a metal plate
Or some extra wood
On the damn door
If you're so friggin' worried about it
It makes it hard to believe you love my dogs
It leaves me thinking
You only want me for money
Two years of weeds I don't see you raking up
Because this isn't a home to you
It's a garage
And the front yard is a parking lot
And God forbid
I do anything to this place
To turn it into a home
Instead of a garage
Like paint the walls white
Or put oriental rugs on the wood floors
Or put curtains up
Instead of blue plastic
This place is disgusting
The main thing is
It's a house not a garage
It's a disgrace to H Town
It could be so much more
You'll never make it more
You've make it less
And it pisses me off
You've lost control of this place
You have to let it go
Like I let my old house here go
It's time to rent a storage unit in town
Where you live
And let me live
In a place you can't even get to
Then your motorcycles are right there
Close to you
You don't have to worry about them
Or me moving them out of the damn living room
You've lost all hope in keeping this place
If I don't help you
But you're too selfish
To give up a dream you've already lost
Too into your crappola
To even give me one room
Without garage stuff in it
Not including the gross bathroom
And and kitchen I have to clean up
If I pay the rent here
It's my house
If I pay half the rent here
It's half my house
Why should you get the dining room
Extra room
Living  room
Shed with doors
Front porch
For mechanic items
If I'm paying the rent?
You shouldn't
It's not fair
It's walking all over me
Don't use me
If you don't want to be fair
Why should I be fair?
God hears me raking the yard
Saying "oh Lord help me"
"This place is disgusting"
"Please give me the strength to do this"
Inside and out
This place could be so much better
I intend to make it that way
What do you intend to do?
Come out here and criticize me
After I give you a ride here?
Drink and tell me women are crazy?
I should just leave
You lied to me about
Being caught up on the rent
When I was in Seattle
Then when I get here
"I'm a couple months behind"
Then the landlord's son
Comes over griping at me that
You owe five months rent
It's time to move on
You did abandoned this place
You haven't paid the rent
You expect me to pay the rent
And not even have a room to myself
That's using me
People who use me
I avoid.

9/27/2015 0023 cj

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