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Legs have lights?
There I was, minding my own business when;

The sheerest perfection, a dazzling confection
Came into my life like a storm,
She's a flawless conception, of perfect complexion,
Lucky me, I'm so glad she was born.

I have to say 'Wow' for there's no other word,
So succinctly describes what I mean,
Her Hollywood legs, wrap ‘em round me I beg,
Leg struck, gimme air, let me breathe.

The flash of the light, casting ever so bright,
Full beam from her sheer stocking tops,
She came down the street and she stood over me,
Hot legs, gimme space, I’m in shock.

If legs don't have lights I'd be very surprised,
'Cause something has dazzled my eye,
They're lovely and long and she said 'you're the one,
Don’t forget your sunglasses tonight.’

© Joseph G Dawson