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The Lord has abandoned me.
I think He has forgotten;
No longer am I to see,
As my life has turned rotten.
Can a woman just forget,
On how to nurse a child;
Would she abandon and let,
Leaving him in the wild.
Will she have no compassion,
On a child from her womb;
To have such a reaction,
Burying alive in a tomb.
Although mothers may forget,
God can never forget you;
For His Son has paid your debt,
In full of all that was due.
Because you have been engraved,
Upon the palms of His hands;
No longer are you enslaved,
Of what the darkness demands.
Your walls are in His presence,
As your children hurry back;
For the factors in essence,
What humanity does lack.
Those of who have destroyed you,
And laid you to waste away;
Were unable to construe,
In trying to make you stray.
But look up and look around,
Watch out for who does return;
Listen to the trumpet sound,
As you see all your foes burn.
God swears as long as He lives,
You wear your children like jewels;
And in your life He forgives,
All the times you broke His rules.

C Copyright © 2015 Richard Newton Sherrer

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