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I'm so good at bein' bad

I'm so good at bein' bad, I made an art of love,

I read 'go forth and multiply,' and couldn't get enough,

Since then I've done my very best, to go forth quite a lot,

I go forth most nights of the week, Sunday's my night off.


I'm so good at bein' bad, I doubled my amour,

I started out with one or two, but now I'm up to four,

It's perfect on a blowy night, or when it looks like rain,

I'm busy under covers, cuddle up and start again.


I'm so good at bein' bad, I can’t believe my luck,

Born to do what I like best, ‘come here, I need a hug,’

My jackets on a hanger, my shirt is on the floor,

I'm doin' what comes naturally, bein' bad once more.


© Joseph G Dawson