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A bottle of Blackberry wine

Taken from a shared glass,

Items of clothing strewn

About the summer grass.

Two semi naked figures

One a girl, one a boy 

Relaxing in the sunshine

After a period of joy.

They didn't need the wine

To loosen their inhibitions,

Things just happen naturally

In such pleasant situations.

No, they didn't need the wine

But afterwards it was so nice,

And maybe a good excuse for

Ignoring intentioned advice.

Two young people 

The drink freed from stress;

As summer shadows lengthen

It becomes time to dress.

Another Summer almost over,

A very special day;

Memories to carry with them

As they progress on life’s way.

They leave the fields together

Leaving far behind

A used empty glass and bottle,

Once containing Blackberry wine.

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Blackberry Wine