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The Dreamer

I searched a lifetime to find my true love,

Sadly, I failed, coming mightily close, but

Never close enough.


I tried double-hard to find her,

But I never did. Oh, I found her shadow

From time to time, but I was never quick

Enough, and in a flash she’d gone.


I mixed potions, drank from springs, cast

Spells all to no avail. She either didn't hear

Me, or was occupied elsewhere.


When out walking I heard her voice on the

Wind, words that danced around me as I

Walked, but when I replied, she suddenly

Fell silent.


In sleep I heard her moving about the room,

Opening drawers, closing drawers, prettying

Up her hair, but when I looked she wasn't



Who is this mysterious woman I often ask

Myself, hard to say really, I haven't found

Her yet,  but perhaps like me, she's searching

For someone kind, understanding and willing

To love a dreamer.


© Joseph G Dawson