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 For my muse

In the beginning was the word, and the

Word was poetry to the world, a word

That meant so much to so many.


But in the beginning the word hadn't been

Given a name, and so soon the time came

To Christen this most sensual, most

Meaningful of all words in the world, and

The name chosen was Love.


Come my sweet distraction, and I will write

You a dream. I will disrobe you with words,

And although you have never seen me, you

Will fall in love with my words and I with yours.


I will bathe you with words, paint you with words,

And you will feel my words coursing through your

Body. There will be nowhere my words haven’t

Touched before finally coming to rest in your heart.


You may not be an angel, and maybe there are

None, and if there are none, then the world is a

Poorer place, but I don't believe that, for I am a

Dreamer, and when I dream, my dreams include

Angels and I've seen you there.


© Joseph G Dawson