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Mona Lisa eyes

Smouldering eyes, siren eyes, divine eyes,

Half-smile eyes. They will scorch your heart,

Burn your bridges, sink your boat, melt your

Heart. Recovery is impossible, one look and

Your fate was sealed forever, never knowing

Precisely what happened that night. Blinded

Like a rabbit in the road, hypnotised, mystified,

Stopped in your tracks eyes, never to be free

Again eyes.


Wherever you go her eyes will go with you,

Unforgettable eyes, fortune cookie eyes, got

Your name inside eyes. Take her face in your

Hands and look deep into her eyes, wherein

You will see yourself held there between

Heaven and earth or Heaven or Hell, let your

Heart be the judge, for she will take no

Prisoners, it's all or nothing with eat-you-alive


Close your eyes to sleep and they will wake

You, warm eyes, cold as ice eyes, make up your

Mind eyes, come to bed eyes, shoot you dead

Eyes... Can you do this, are you man enough?

Up to the job of loving a real woman for the

Sheer joy of belonging to longing eyes, wanting

Eyes, loving eyes, squeezing eyes, teasing

,.. and oh yea, Mona Lisa eyes?


© Joseph G Dawson