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In a state of modern warfare

Do the combatants realise 

Just a split second decides

Who will live, and who dies.

If the survivor is British

He can never safely walk away 

Free of fear of prosecution

On some future day.


From their monied safety 

Legal parasites comb the law

To find dubious ways to make

Even more and more

They scream human rights

For those who never will

Consider those same rights 

Of those they maim and kill.


Like our political masters, 

Who are so very good

At fighting to the last drop 

Of somebody else's blood,

They've manage to

Legitimise the way

Of don't do as I do

Just do as I say.


All part of a system

That is so very lax 

At chasing those

Avoiding  tax

At the same time 

Clamping down 

On those who live in

So called Benefits Town.


In modern Britain 

Justice can be bought

And it's mainly the poor

Who are pursued and caught.

For the poor

War never ends,

Politicians protect 

Their rich friends,


And the British soldier 

In the end

Is punished by a system

That he fought to defend,

And the legal warriors

Sleep well at nights

Growing ever more rich 

From Human rights.

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Human Rights