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She put her heart in his hands


She put her heart in his hands and he dropped

It. No greater carelessness can there be than to

Be trusted with a girl's most precious and most

Sacred possession and then not take care of it.


Not give it the love it deserves, nor cherish it

For all it's worth, but no, he dropped it. Not

Intentionally he didn't think, but still a bad case

Of butterfingers, and then a momentary slip,

And it was gone, falling from too great a height

To survive, a poor defenceless loving heart, so

Trusting and oh so fragile, now tragically broken.


Can this heart recover, will it mend? Is there still

Time or will this oversight always be a reminder

Not to trust wholeheartedly ever again? Sadly,

Only time will tell; but both hearts hope for better

Things in the future - together or apart.


© Joseph G Dawson