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Let me be your Valentine

Even though they have never met face to face

They have become lovers. He feels her next to

Him her skin touching his. Laying down to

Sleep at night he feels her breath on his cheek,

Her body moving close to his. Sounds silly to

Some I suppose but we love God without ever

Seeing him so perhaps it's the same; love

Develops whatever the medium - be it prayer,

iPhone or the internet - love grows.


Love and affection seem not to be bound by

Walls, borders, rivers and seas, but are free to

Roam where they will and in that roaming

Distance is no object as from screen to screen

Fingers to fingers, heart to heart, love freely

Moves around the earth.


This need to be wanted and held by another no

Matter where in the world they are, speaks of a

Language of love that travels without passport,

A mysterious agency that transforms thoughts

Into dreams and dreams into ethereal reality,

Wherein distant lovers may meet and make

Love until the grey light of dawn dissolves

The illusion.


Let me take you in my arms my love, let me

Stay with you tonight, let me run my fingers

Over you let me kiss you where you might

Find joy and excitation in a trembling sort of

Way, let me love you with a passion, let me

Hold you, let me stay.


Let me take you to distraction where you mind

Won't let you go, let me take you to fulfilment

Turn you over, love you slow, let me take you

To excitement make a lonely night divine, let

Me touch you, let me love you, let me be your



© Joseph G Dawson