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It's 0300 in the morning and it's been another terrifying night
The Viet-Cong had just slammed our base with some mortar rounds
And to keep our sanity we had this saying "It don't mean nothing"

It was our own way of dealing with our nervous tension there
When things got really hairy or you were really on the edge
You'd look at your partner and say "It don't mean nothing"

The morning sun finally rises after an eternity of darkness
It's already pushing close to a very muggy 100 degrees now
Soaked again from the humidity but "It don't mean nothing"

Grab some grub to ease your hunger pains from a long night
Your eyes are burning from the sweat running down your face
It never lets up for a moment but "It don't mean nothing"

Tried to take a shower but the water tank was empty again
I'll never get rid of this gritty sand and red delta mud
Feels as if I'll never be clean but "It don't mean nothing

The VC harassed us again all night lobbing in mortar rounds
Trip flares shooting skyward from out by the perimeter wire
The VC were probing our defenses but "It don't mean nothing

It happens all the time you know they're out there watching
Testing us to see how we'll react to their ghostly movements
You hardly ever saw them at night but "It don't mean nothing"

They'd lull you into thinking they wouldn't attack that night
Then all hell broke loose and the VC were everywhere at once
The new guys would panic at first but "It don't mean nothing"

Just keep your heads down while they are shelling the base
They'd say to the the new guys the VC are trying to test us
Still you've known that fear too but "It don't mean nothing"

It's hard to sleep well in the heat of a Mekong Delta day
You try anyways for you'll be out there all night on guard
You'll be watching for Charlie but "It don't mean nothing"

For he is an elusive foe who could sneak up close to you
And as hard as you strained your eyes and ears each night
You still hardly ever saw them but "It don't mean nothing"

Now once more this day has whizzed by and here we go again
We're loading up our gear & ammo for our nightly positions
The strain starts to show again but "It don't mean nothing"

Terry Sasek - Alwaysawarrior - all rights reserved.

It was one hell of a way to have spent a full year,
but as we had always said "It don't mean nothing".

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