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Now for something special edit 2


If I found couldn't touch you I believe I might

Descend, into hell but not to heaven, burn

My candle at both ends, I might scandalize

My spirit, sell my soul for pots and rags. there’d

Be nothing to remind you save the memory of

A man.


Can I bed you like a princess, fix a pillow for

Your h
ead, lay you down and love you kiss you

Everywhere I said, you’ll never know what's

Coming 'til the pillow's on the floor, an' when it

Is, I’ll tell you this, you won't care anymore.


Can love you with a passion take you higher than

A kite, gonna hit you with a love drug that'll keep

You up all night, gonna nibble, bite and kiss you

Gonna make your body scream, don't worry 'bout

The neighbours I don't believe they're in.


Wrap your arms around me pull me closer than

Your breath, gonna squeeze you baby, tease you

Baby, roll you round the bed, if you've never been

To heaven I suggest you close your eyes, now for

Something special I really think you'll like…


© Joseph G Dawson