Nikhil Parekh - Indian Poet

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He walked adroitly on tight strained cotton rope, 

Tied at both ends to the tallest precipice of blood stained rock.


He skydived into dark valleys of nothingness, 

Without comfort parachutes buckled to rib cage encompassing his body.


He swam incessantly for long days against chilly currents of the Atlantic, 

Had occasional meals of cold sea weed and salt water.


He drove his sports car through winding roads of the mountain, 

Applied bare minimum of brake; with mounting pressure on the accelerator


He rode fearlessly on striped panther back, 

Slept in the night on a bundle of hay with a family of wild fox.


He consumed long shards of unpolished cut glass, 

Cracked a joke a few seconds after relishing the ghastly meal.


He plummeted infinite feet below into savage waters of the river, 

Pulled out trapped children from smashed interiors of the dismantled bus.


He trespassed through steaming flames of city fire, 

Tried to evacuate people gasping for fresh draughts of breath.


He resolved to climb Mount Everest on foot, 

Confronted frozen winds and avalanches of ice on his expedition to the top.


He always decided to attempt the virtually impossible, 

To blend white clouds of the sky with earth, 

And he knew he would succeed, 

As with every step he took, 

He was there with himself for his miracle rescue.

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