Nikhil Parekh - Indian Poet

144,819 poems read

Live like an grandiloquent eagle; soaring handsomely through the vivaciously bubbling crimson clouds, 


Live like the mountains basking in the glory of perennially shimmering sunlight; intrepidly confronting every obstacle without their head flinching the slightest, 


Live like the rhapsodically tangy waves of the ocean; clashing with rejuvenated fervor every instant against the chain of enigmatically mesmerizing rocks, 


Live like the impeccable pigeon; retiring for a blissful nights sleep in its delectable nest; under the magnificently resplendent blanket of glittering stars, 


Live like the belligerent soldier whose heart was more molten than candle wax; but who preferred to decimate his head; rather than bowing it to anyone other than

his motherland, 


Live like the marvelously glowing jewel; that radiated its light full blossom; even in the most satanically gory tunnel of treacherous darkness, 


Live like the exuberantly enthralling cloud of dawn; perpetuating every thoroughly dwindling entity with a rejuvenated gusto; to propel tirelessly ahead in life, 


Live like the bountifully sprawling fruits of Nature's creation; proliferating millions of its kind as the hour unveiled to fill the day, 


Live like the road that never ends; indefatigably weaving its path towards an island of overwhelming mysticism and astounding enchantment, 


Live like the butterfly which stays perpetually ebullient; frolicking into a festoon of smiles even while incarcerated infinite feet beneath the earth, 


Live like the Mother who knows nothing but sacrifice; enduring the severest agony conceivable on human planet; to spawn the most wonderful creation of Almighty Lord, 


Live like the fire whose flames never die; triggering insurmountable infernos of untamed passion; even as torrential cloudbursts of rain ferociously pelted down, 


Live like the leaves that never withered; clinging resiliently to the body of their master; even as the most heinous of devil tried to ruthlessly massacre them with his foot, 


Live like the rose which immortally diffused its divinely scent; no matter how hard the acrimonious thorns tried to gobble it in their acerbic swirl, 


Live like the irrefutably powerful lion of the jungle; reigning supremely over your priceless conscience for centuries unprecedented, 


Live like the immaculately beautiful princess; spreading the most wonderful word of God; from deep within your heart to even the most remotely obsolete corner of this Universe, 


Live like the soul which impregnated a wave of ingratiating vitality; in every organism who had reached the premature brink of hopeless extinction, 


Live like the blessed couple of true lovers; being wholesomely oblivious to the manipulatively monotonous realms of the spuriously surviving society, 


And most importantly live life to the most unfathomable limits; rejoicing and basking in Princely glory till perhaps beyond what your breath could perceive; but always do remember and chant this till the time you die; that live life by the grace of God.

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By The Grace Of God