Nikhil Parekh - Indian Poet

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Hapless and diminutive - yet it invincibly thrilled you as it landed astounding close to your silhouette - reminding you of those uninhibited school days when the teacher had whirled it at you - for crassly unfinished homework, 


Bland and Corrugated - yet it was the most indispensable ingredient in a teacher's armory of various paraphernalia even in today's age of super computers - as she commenced her lecture buoyantly dashing it across the Black - board, 


Insipid and boring - yet it empowered you to express yourself in writing wherever you wanted - be it the rustically threadbare and rotting rock or the nondescript office wall that wasted away amidst sonorous silence, 


Lackluster and nonliving - yet it made you frolic around like a freshly born infant - as you smashed it in its entirety to build the measly toy castle on your table - just before the corporate honchos were about to enter to start the commercially livid day, 


Plain and nonchalant - yet an optimistic backbone of your mortally nothing existence - as you used it to gleefully scribble at atleast some point of time in your life - in the disdainful absence of your conventionally stereotypical pen, 


Asymmetrical and stub - yet inspiring you to indulge your artistic talent with aplomb - as you unabashedly sketched virtually any intriguing shape from imagination on the floor with it - eventually resulting into a masterpiece collage of tantalizingly brilliant



Deplorable and dusty - yet marvelously easing you out from various financial crisis in life with child like ease - as you rolled it majestically with your fingers and merrily  devoured your nocturnal meal, 


Short and stingy - yet stimulating you to fantasize about the extraordinarily blessed goodness of existence and its myriad hues - as you thrust bulk of your weight upon it via your chin - and it snapped  instantaneously into bits of oblivion, 


Orphaned and Desolate - yet it proved to be an unassailably charmed savior as you lost your trail in the meandering forest - and marked your inimitable identity with it - for the rescue team to reach you as soon as possible, 


Unkempt and frail - yet it rekindled the speed of the in-built laptop mouse to lightening fast - as you rubbed a fraction of it upon the same - and then traversed the wondrously smoothened periphery, 


Sloppy and unimaginative - yet it granted instant authority to your otherwise sweat mopped palms as you grasped it tight - and scurried across the table to highlight the key point of the presentation with its dangling end, 


Unsubstantiated and penniless - yet it seemed to be the most perfect present that you could've ever gifted to your old college professor - as he fondly reminisced those glorious teaching moments of his life - scribbling articulately and rapidly with it on the curriculum board, 


Harried and Unrewarded - yet it gorgeously helped you pen an entire book of your variedly benevolent thoughts; spontaneously on the park bench - with an ecstatically replenishing backdrop of trees and grass as your fecund friends, 


Unpretentious and Raw - yet it proved to be the most eclectic drumstick when you drove out with your friends and they exuberantly tapped it to produce sound - rejoicing in the aisles of desire - as the night beckoned you into the freshness of a golden new sublime dawn, 


Measly and voiceless - yet it meant unconquerably cherished to you as the referee drew the start and finishing lines with it - and you galloped forward in the race to triumph unfettered - go past the  white mark which looked its admirable best, 


Unacknowledged and discarded - yet it permeated that quintessential thought of hope; peace; betterment and humanity - with its pristinely innocuous white a much needed respite - as the electricity abandoned you in the middle of the arid night, 


Feckless and solitary - yet it irrefutably triggered you to help humanity in the best of your natural capacity - just as it reduced to nothing without any regret  - after being used by the society for its various indispensably good deeds and needs, 


Ordinary and Artificial - yet it held its own unduplicated identity in this fantabulous age of digital enhancement; when full fledged enterprises thrived on the internet - and it lay unmatched - alongside the most modern of contraptions; on the writing desk, 

Please welcome this uncelebrated hero of our age - the chalk stick.

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Chalk Stick.