Nikhil Parekh - Indian Poet

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Brutally starved were my staggering eyes; frantically groping for those rainbows of eternal prosperity; which had become so ghoulishly amorphous and obsolete; in the world today, 


Pathetically starved were my lambasted lips; rapaciously wandering for those hives of perennial sweetness; which had parsimoniously evaporated into corpses of  lackadaisical abhorrence; in the world today, 


Horrendously starved were my tortured fingers; unrelentingly searching for those uninhibited bits of free space; which had so luridly metamorphosed into salacious jailhouses of the sinister devil; in the world today, 


Preposterously starved were my tottering cheeks; intransigently loitering for those whirlwinds of ingratiating passion; which had transited into penalizingly inclement commercialism; in the world today, 


Despondently starved were my numbed ears; indefatigably straining for those sounds of everlastingly mellifluous harmony; which had so bizarrely drowned 

in obstreperously maladroit traffic; in the world today, 


Truculently starved was my monotonous brain; timelessly stretching for those precociously exhilarating forests of astounding innovation; which had converted so deplorably into coffins of ribald hell; in the world today, 


Flagrantly starved were my beleaguered eyelashes; relentlessly glimpsing for those dew drops of unfathomably sensuous ecstasy; which had so fanatically fulminated into insanely tyrannical bloodshed and crime; in the world today, 


Lecherously starved was my aggrieved throat; desperately searching for those raindrops of pristine exhilaration; which had so egregiously adulterated themselves with derogatory corruption; in the world today, 


Lasciviously starved were my fetid toes; agonizingly penetrating for those meadows of irrefutably silken honesty; which had so disparagingly converted themselves into a gutter of ghastly lies; in the world today, 


Despairingly starved were my deprived palms; tirelessly fumbling for those entrenchments of aristocratic artistry; which had so perniciously disappeared into the dungeons of miserably fermented doom; in the world today, 


Unsparingly starved were my staggering veins; limitlessly stuttering for those waves of unflinching solidarity; which had so barbarously unfurled into carcasses of bludgeoning viciousness; in the world today, 


Licentiously starved was my convoluted neck; greedily swirling for those pinnacles of impregnably majestic brotherhood; which had so uncouthly divided into sleazily spurious boundaries of religion; caste; creed and color; in the world today, 


Ludicrously starved were my trembling teeth; maniacally chattering for those winds of patriotically blazing courage; which had so raunchily extinguished into scurrilously dastardly betrayal; in the world today, 


Painstakingly starved were my dreary bones; rampantly galloping for those blissfully placating shades of symbiotism; which had so hedonistically become warehouses of morbidly libidinous trade; in the world today, 


Unsurpassably starved was my crumbling spinal chord; wildly staring for those clouds of compassionate embrace; which had so bawdily perpetuated into mirages of worthless meaninglessness; in the world today, 


Criminally starved was my terrorized shadow; restlessly meandering for those unequivocally glorious rivers of freedom; which had so treacherously dwindled

into maelstroms of political racialism; in the world today, 


Indiscriminately starved was my incoherent signature; implacably ambling for those stamps of heavenly righteousness; which had so tawdrily exploded into surreptitiously gratuitous profanity; in the world today, 


Forlornly starved was my asphyxiated breath; intractably gasping for those fireballs of vivaciously unending titillation; which had so obnoxiously become castrated graveyards of marauding lynchpins; in the world today, 


And cruelly starved was my deteriorating heart; endlessly feeling for those beats of immortally regale love; which had so baselessly extradited into gallows of indescribably crucifying emptiness; in the world today.

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Cruelly Starved