Nikhil Parekh - Indian Poet

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It made a person irrefutably realize his / her true stature on this earth - which was nothing infront of the Almighty Lord - as morsels were gobbled with raw humanitarian fervor and then even the most mature of body exultated in child-like delight, 


It made people forget deplorably miserly discrepancies of caste; creed; color and religion over its tantalizingly sumptuous aroma, 


It naturally impregnated a wretchedly war-infested environment - with the charm of an existence replete with symbiotic health and prosperity, 


It gathered hordes of hungry stomachs and palettes into uninhibited camaraderie - as they sat in compassionate unity to devour its quintessential morsels for survival, 


It melted even the most indiscriminately traumatic persona which lambasted the innocent - with its succulently impeccable taste which was a harbinger of bountiful humanity, 


It fascinated the young and the old with its astounding freshness and vitality - which very soon blended with the fabric of existence after the gratifying bite, 


It put all hostility and that desire to ruthlessly conquer to blissful sleep - as it made its way most naturally and ravishingly into the extraordinarily emaciated intestine, 


It proved the most stupendously inadvertent excuse to meet up at just about any time of the day - and that too triggering that smile of satisfaction upon the lips relishing it, 


It reinvigorated fading muscle and bone with indispensable boost to lead life Kingsize - bond and embrace the most alien of neighbor with the power of fortuitous love, 


It metamorphosed pulverized failures into the champions of a fresh optimistic dawn - rendering in them the unabashed fortitude to stand up for the cause of unparalleled righteousness, 


It rekindled the rays of desire in pathetically shriveled bloodstreams - as the living kind made merry; whispered; chatted and blended into the river of love with a new found hope to procreate, 


It worked as a balm of compassionate friendship upon those haplessly aggrieved and lamenting the loss of their near and dear - as the chapter of death inevitably occurred when destined, 


It was something that rendered all spurious demonstrations of power and wealth on earth utterly useless - as even the richest of all humans melanged with those begging on the roadside - to consume it; as disasters like the earthquake struck, 


It not only helped people earn livelihood as they cooked; garnished; packed and transported it - but added an indomitable aura of satisfaction to their lives as they served it to all those in dire need of it, 


It miraculously helped in mollifying the most hoarsely wailing children - nourishing them with the gift of harmony - to evolve into the philanthropically noble citizens of tomorrow, 


It prompted dialogues of peace and benevolent betterment even before armies could cross sides - as they preferred to arrive to a harmonious consensus of love and togetherness - after eating to their unbridled content, 


It was a universal need that naturally arose at some time or the other in everyone irrespective of any religion or tribe; impregnably indicating that we're all created by the same God and infront of him; nothing, 


It cultivated this most wonderfully altruistic habit of eating in the same plate; as its irresistibly appetizing grandeur instilled the basic tenets of selflessness and humanitarian care, 


Such was food and its majestic power.

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Food And Its Victorious Power.