Nikhil Parekh - Indian Poet

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If being a man; is all about ostentatiously malicious chauvinism; indifferently blowing countless bellows of cigar smoke; into the eyes of those innocent and haplessly deprived, 


If being a man; is all about ruthlessly driving the most swankiest of Mercedes over those poor children fast asleep on the shivering streets; in celebration of the senses wholesomely inebriated with the richest of wine, 


If being a man; is all about sadistically rolling in gigantically fetid mountains of currency note; whilst innumerable other fellow living beings lay gruesomely starving; without the tiniest morsel of food in their stomachs, 


If being a man; is all about spuriously machismo whisky replacing every ingredient of blood in the body; and then deliriously abusing the pricelessly compassionate mother soil, 


If being a man; is all about indefatigably engaging in abhorrent war; inundating fathomless granaries of the inimitable Universe; with irrevocably diseased nuclear bomb, 


If being a man; is all about asserting vindictive superiority upon every other conceivable organism; letting the exposed bulging muscle barbarously trample over every ounce of sensitivity, 


If being a man; is all about egregiously ill-treating your very own children; heartlessly embarking upon the most senseless corporate tours of your life; leaving them inconsolably crying, 


If being a man; is all about philandering with a zillion women at a time; dexterously dodging one's very own earnest wife; in worthlessly tireless search of spurious vixen and salacious wine, 


If being a man; is all about fecklessly ridiculing every diminutively shriveled personality on the roads; spitting on them whatever foul was left in the compartments of the mouth; of the ghoulish day, 


If being a man; is all about considering every piece of wondrously ameliorating artistry as frigidly babyish; roaring like a baselessly insensitive rhino; on a diabolical high with scotch on the rocks, 


If being a man; is all about cold-bloodedly worshipping the parasitic devil; 

believing in the sole concept of demonstrating brute power to snatch happiness from every cranny of the fathomless planet, 


If being a man; is all about deplorably disregarding the most ultimate divinely love of the mother; for a few sleazily decrepit opportunities of quick money and fame, 


If being a man; is all about betraying even the most immortally throbbing hearts for you; shattering them into an infinite pieces of nothingness; with the stone of your insanely satanic commercialism, 


If being a man; is all about uttering the most unbearably sinful of abuse; infront of the most Omnipotent scepter of Godhead; just to demonstrate the nonchalant carefreeness of the slavering tongue, 


If being a man; is all about committing the most venomously horrendous of crime in the name of religion; rendering countless innocuous children disastrously orphaned; staring meaninglessly at the sadistically slit throats of their parents and kin, 


If being a man; is all about ruthlessly kicking every impeccably fructifying bit of vegetation left; right and center; just in order to release that extra iota of lazy energy trapped in the petulant bone, 


If being a man; is all about lividly wastrel high society parties; in which billions were ghastily traded in the name of prostitution; child molestation; drugs and innumerable more offences of the kind, 


If being a man; is all about portraying devilishly unsparing superiority; forever widowing your wife right on your wedding night; as you surrendered your mind; body and soul to someone else's arms; whilst she hysterically cried, 


Then Thank God. And I really thank the Omnisciently triumphant God. That by

his grace I was born as depicting the ultimate apogee of sensitivity and sensuality; O! Yes I was born a baby girl who would inevitably turn into a proud Woman!

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If Being A Man Is All About