Nikhil Parekh - Indian Poet

144,843 poems read

Don't jump into the acrimoniously blazing fires; you'll get gruesomely charred to infinitesimal chunks of barbarically threadbare ash, 


Don't jump into the unfathomably deep ocean; you'll mercilessly drown; become an overwhelmingly succulent bait for the diabolically menacing shark, 


Don't jump from the epitome of the precariously pernicious mountain; you'll disdainfully crumble into a stack of capriciously insipid bone and mud, 


Don't jump into the sleazily grimy whirlpool of mud; you'll abominably slip towards the aisles of obnoxiously disappearing oblivion; like a cavalcade of debilitating dominoes, 


Don't jump into the sonorously ghastly well; you'll asphyxiate yourself to a brutal death; with discordantly croaking frogs and treacherously heinous snakes; being 

your only soul mates, 


Don't jump into the tumultuously marauding lion's den; you'll be ruthlessly pulverized to evanescent mincemeat by his satanic jaws; for just a tantalizingly appetizing starter; to his midday meal, 


Don't jump into the web of savagely derogatory lies; you'll be unsparingly lambasted into realms of torturously tyrannical hell; with each ingredient of your impeccable blood ominously metamorphosing into the gory devil, 


Don't jump into  the remorsefully morbid graveyard; you'll feel miserably entrenched; with an unsurpassable fleet of penalizing ghost and invidious corpse, 


Don't jump into the island of coldblooded emptiness; you'll feel like a breathing statue all right; but without the most obfuscated trace of vibrant life or stupendously exhilarating breath, 


Don't jump into the circus of insidious manipulation; you'll have to devour sewage more derogatorily fetid than the gutters; as each instant unfurled into a wholesome minute, 


Don't jump into the rambunctiously prowling crocodile pool; you'll soon feel that the ants were much bigger than yourself in size; as the devilish monsters sucked

even the last droplet of your poignant blood, 


Don't jump into the hideous vulture's nest; you'll be reduced till times beyond infinite infinity; into a penuriously sullen heap of colorlessly dead carrion, 

Don't jump into the uncouthly crippling world of crime; you'll soon metamorphose into a gruesomely livid and kicked commodity; with venomous bullets the only elixir embedded deep into your immaculate skin, 


Don't jump into the ghoulishly unending maelstrom of discrimination; you'll find even the most minuscule aspect of your existence; more sinful than your 

grave could ever be, 


Don't jump into the pool of innocent blood; you'll find the unfinished cries of countless innocuous; never letting you exist in celestial peace, 


Don't jump into the perilously sinister battlefield of thorns; you'll be ignominiously ripped apart like a speck of worthless shit; tasting vindictively hostile blood on every step that you; dolorously slithered 


Don't jump into the sledging shackles of insane frustration; you'll reach the most veritably last day of your life; even as the very first day of your life had just commenced, 


Don't jump into the land of perfidiously agonizing betrayal; you'll baselessly crucify every panoramically resplendent moment of life; transform yourself into a breathing ghost, 


And if you really wanted to blissfully counter all the traumatic don'ts; then do jump forever into the cradle of perpetual love; do jump forever into the garden of uninhibited compassion; do jump forever and ever and ever; into the religion of unassailable mankind.

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