Sweetswords /ababil

Hindu freedom fighters,
In the jihad,
Where it is fard to kill.
Are like garuda ,
Where muslims are like the ababil.
Hindus sung hymn for akbar,
As well as to the king george,
Muslim proclaim azaan,
Only for Allah who decreed it is as the Farz.
Only for paramathma ,
Muslim rooh takes the baw,
Only fighters who can truly fight for freedom,
Are the fighters who lives in the freedom now.
A domisticated falcon,
Can be trained to steal freedom of a dove,
But  the ababil does not kill,
For fear or hated,  
Nor for the pleasure of love.
He does not commit for love of Allah,
But because it is the right thing to do,
He commits the deeds to obay the Allah.
For what he was created to do. Not just for  his sensuous ego but also for his conscious Rooh.  

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